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Spouse Visa extension 2017

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Good Morning All,

I am after some support with my wifes spouse visa extension, which is now due in September 2017.

My wife will be sitting her A2 exam within the next couple of weeks and all being well I can see her passing without many issues.

Aside this I have the following ready to submit. Can someone please advise if I am missing anything -

4 x joint letters from HMRC, Gas Bill, Electric Bill, Water Bill/Book.
We also have a joint bank account although the statements are only addressed to my wife. The statement itself, however has my name and shows it as a join account. Will this count as a joint???
If not how many single addressed letters would we further require?

I meet the £18,600 threshold and can supply a letter from my employer confirming this as well as confirming that the 6 months of wage slips are true and correct.

We have 6 months of bank statements confirming my wages.

We also have a letter from my parents confirming that we can continue to live at their address....my question here is do we need to submit a surveyors report and land registry document again?

Is there anything else we need? (ie cover letter?)

Finally on this occasion ]we wish to save some money and use the services of a solicitor. Please confirm which forms we need to complete.

We are hoping to have a same day appointment so that the application is not hanging over us, so any advice on what to take with us will be helpful.

Many thanks all.
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