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Hi there, I am in the process of getting my Spouse Visa packet ready to send out and I was hoping someone could double check what I have so far and answer a few questions or areas of concern... Thank you so much! :)

Packet Includes:

Priority Receipt
Return Waybill
Passport size photos (Me x2, Sponsor x 1)

Applicant Information
Letter of Introduction (Can someone specify what exactly needs to be in these?)
Birth Certificate (Do I need a copy of my birth certificate or is this optional?)
Biometrics (stamped)
Immigration Health Surcharge Receipt
Printed Online Application (IHS # written on top)
Appendix 2
Sample Flight Itinerary

Sponsor Information
Letter of Introduction (Same question stated above)
Copy of Sponsor’s Passport (Is this necessary?)
Copy of Sponsor’s Birth Certificate (Is this necessary?)

Financial Requirement
Bank Statements (to meet the financial requirement, my husband receives money from an owned rental property. We have highlighted each month to show the income of this property) [/COLOR]
Sponsor's Mortgage Statement (To show ownership of rental property)
2 Tenancy Agreements (As the 2 agreements overlap the 1 year period, with letter of 1st tenants intent to leave)
Letters of Academic grant (x2)

(*The income form the rental property plus the 2 academic grants meet the financial requirements. Is there anything else we could be missing as proof?)

Evidence of Accommodation

Letter from In-laws granting permission to stay at property
Council Tax Bill (In-laws property)

Proof of Relationship
Marriage Certificate
Pictures Throughout Relationship (15 in total)
Flights Throughout Relationship
Facebook Messenger Screenshots
Skype Screenshots and Logs

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Hey, I can try to help with what I think I know.
Sorry our visas are different but only slightly, so I hope these answers work for you.

For your introduction letters, this was the response I got a while ago that I saved. I thought it fits well. It was for the fiance visa, but your visa is similar if you're writing to join your husband/wife in the UK. If you live with your spouse, that part will be different to your own degree.

One or two sides of A4 maximum or 1,000 words. Just describe briefly your relationship history, significant events, what you think will make your relationship special and durable such as common interests, shared beliefs and compatibility. Write a little about why you have chosen UK as place of settlement, and any other factors which you'd like to explain, such as why you haven't been able to see each other as much as you liked because of pressure of work. Both letters should be original, not copied from each other but should broadly agree.
I could be wrong with this but I don't think you need to include a sponsor photo because they wont be getting the visa, you will. (They're gonna plop the photo on the visa so it shouldn't matter?) But sorry I haven't seen your requirements, maybe they do need one.

You shouldnt need your birth certificate, your passport should do the job.
You should have a copy of your sponsors bio page, (their facial picture and information on it)
his original passport isnt necessary. Same with their birth cert. The copy of the passport should be good for them.

I'm not sure if you need the tenancy agreement for the house the sponsor is renting out, but I'm sure another person could help with that.

The only other thing I can think of is to say remember to include documents showing the relationship before the marriage too, they want to know you're genuine and didnt just marry some random person.
sorry I cannot make much a difference! I hope I helped in some way though! Good luck!
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