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Guys please help me double check last the requirements as i am passing my application soon thanks in advance

Spouse visa checklist

1.Introduction Letter

2.sponsorship Letter

3.Form from visa4uk
-my passport and copy
-italian work permit copy (as i am applying in Rome italy but i am a Filipino.
-copy of old passport
-husband copy of passport
-old school document to prove I was not able to abuse my visa before as i am previously under tier 4 visa in U.k.
-ielts result 6.5

4.immigration health subcharges reference number

5. Biometric receipt

6.form VAF4A appendix 2
-photos during met ups with friends /relatives and during holidays
-boarding passes and hotel bookings
-evidence of some conversation
-marriage certificate, report of marriage to philippine embassy, plane tickets and holiday booking from marriage and receipt of marriage ceremony
-receipt of money transfers

-tenancy agreement
-letter from landlord/letting agency that i can stay in the property
-floor plan with measurements
-photo of flat

8. Financial requirement category F
-bank statements
-ni class 2 receipt
-evidence of tax payable
-self assessment of tax from hmrc
-sa302 form
-certification of income from chartered accountant
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