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Hi Everyone,

I have been reading through a lot of the posts on here and they have been incredibly helpful. We have submitted our online Settlement Visa application and my husband has his biometrics appointment on 8th August in Rabat.

The last minute nerves are beginning, and I was just wondering if anyone could have a quick look over the documents we are planning on submitting.

We are applying for Spouse Visa under category B. I’ve only been in my current job for around 3 months with a salary of £26,000. Prior to this I was on a salary of £19400 and have earned roughly £19800 within the last 12 months. Just to confirm – my latest payslip was on 23/06/17 and we submitted the online application on 19/07/17, so that is within the 28-day period?

I’m currently living with my parents in the 3-bedroom property that they are renting.


1. Visa Application Form
2. Appendix 2
3. IHS payment confirmation
4. Applicant passport
5. Applicant cover letter
6. Sponsor cover letter
7. TB test certificate
8. IELTS A1 Test Certificate

Financial evidence

1. 2 months payslips from current employer (stamped)
2. Letter from employer (relating to start date, salary, hours and authenticating payslips)
3. Current contract of employment
4. 10 months payslips from previous employer
5. Letter from previous employer (stating salary, dates of employment and authenticating payslips)
6. Previous employment contract
7. P60
8. 12 months of bank statements

Accommodation Evidence

1. Tenancy Agreement
2. Letter of permission from parents
3. Letter of permission from Housing Association
4. Property Inspection Report
5. Council Tax Bill

Relationship Evidence

1. Marriage certificate (Original and translated copy)
2. Collection of photos of wedding/holidays together/with family members
3. Call logs of Facebook Messenger calls
4. Few pages of communication logs/social media messages from 2013 – 2017
5. Boarding passes
6. Scan of sponsors passport and entry/exit stamps into country

With regards to the letter from my previous employer – she has stated that my salary was £19700 from the beginning of my employment until finishing. It was in fact my finish salary, due to a pay rise, however I began on £19400. Is this something that will cause a problem and would it be OK to write a note to explain this mistake?

Also just to confirm – some of my payslips for the past 12 months have been variable due to overtime and other months having unpaid sick leave – but this will not cause a problem as long as the combined earnings over the 12 months are over £18,600?

Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this, I would really appreciate any advice! :)

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We got married in El Jadida on 25/07/2017 and I returned to the UK (Birmingham) with all the documents (hers & mine) required for visa purposes to post to Sheffield, UK. My wife has her biometrics appointment on 14/08/2017 in Rabat.

1. As far as I know she only needs to take her passport and the below:

"When attending your appointment you must take with you a print out of your appointment confirmation,
a print out of your visa application (signed and dated), your online visa fee receipt and any supporting
documents. If you intend using the Priority Service option, you must pay the Priority Service fee on the
Teleperformance website at uk.tlscontact.com before attending your appointment and bring the receipt
with you"

2. I have all the supporting documents (hers and mine) with me in the UK as I will be posting them all to Sheffield based on what I read here: https://static.tlscontact.com/media/ma/rba/uk/2016-05-09_settlement_apps_mar.pdf

3. Have you paid for the priority service?

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