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Hi again,
I am from Serbia and my husband is from Scotland. We have been together for almost 7 years now and we got married on 06.06.2015. We will use combine means to meet financial requirements, his salary from full time employment Cat A (same employer for 3 years now, £12.000 contracted salary and £18.700 including overtime) and cash savings in my husband’s name. We will apply on Wednesday 22.07.2015. for my spouse visa from outside UK using online application. His last payslip was issued on 28.06.2015. so 28 days will run out on 26.07.2015. I just need to confirm that this won’t cause any problems no matter when my appointment will be scheduled.
Anyway here is the list of the documents we are planning to submit along our application (all documents will be submit in original form plus one copy, except photos of course)

1. Online application printed out with NHC number written on top of it (I don’t need to fill in VAF4A, right? I just have to print out online application?)
2. Appendix 2 printed out and filled in (This has to be stapled to the online application right?)
3. 2 x passport sized photos
4. Current and previous passports
5. Introduction letter
6. Letter from the employer plus last 6 payslips + Official translation
7. Letter from the bank (in English) + bank statements for past 6 months
8. Screenshot of intention to travel (This is literary a screen shot of Airline webpage showing flight from Serbia to Scotland on the date specified in my application, it doesn’t have my name anywhere, is that ok?)
9. IELTS LIFE SKILLS A1 Certificate
10. Printed out Receipt NHC
11. Printed out Receipt Visa fee
12. Printed out Biometric appointment (Do I bring all the supporting documents with me on this appointment, it worked like that when I was applying for General visitor visa, or?)

1. Introduction letter
2. Certificated copy of passport’s biometric page
3. Letter from the employer + P60 + last 6 payslips (P60 and payslips printed out and signed by the employer)
(Its only one letter but it states that P60 and payslips are authentic and that he has full time employment for past 3 years also stating his annual gross income both contracted one and one with overtime included)
4. Employment contract
5. Official Bank statements for past 6 months (showing that salaries were played to his account and that for past 6 months he didn’t have less than £22.000)

1. Letter from his parents ( Inviting me to stay with them and my husband in their home as long as we need, stating that they have 2 spare bedrooms and 2 other rooms we are free to use and that at the moment they live there with my husband, printed out and signed by both of them)
2. Certified copy of deed
3. Certified copy of parent’s passports biometric pages
4. Property Inspection Report
5. Council tax bill

1. Marriage certificate + official translation
2. Printed out tickets from our meetings + copies of passports showing custom control stamps – dating back to 2009 till today ( on each names, dates and locations are highlighted with marker, there are over 30 tickets…)
3. Holiday bookings and emails from landlords and bank statement copy where we pay by card
4. Screen shots from yahoo messenger history (by months, every few months, showing that almost every day we talk for few hours)
5. Screen shots from random conversations again from yahoo messenger (few pages every 6 months dating back to middle of 2011)
(Unfortunately none of us have history from before 2011, and all of our written conversations are a bit random and weird as we mainly talk over voice, is that a problem? )
6. Screen shots of emails confirming purchases of few gifts to each other
7. Screen shots of some old FB convo (2010 oldest written thing I could dig up)
8. 20 photos – dating from 2009 till today (Most of them are selfies as we usually spend time alone with each other when we do met but there are some with some friends and family or from holidays and few from wedding, that ok?)

I know this is really detailed list but I have officially entered panic mode so please all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
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