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I'm very excited to share with you all that my spouse visa has been approved :D

It was not easy considering the guidelines in UKBA website are not comprehensive and being a non-native English speaker I needed to communicate with my husband a lot to figure out many unfamiliar terms to me. And this forum has really helped me so much in clarifying many grey areas as I kept searching and reading. My hubby spring45 did post some questions on here when the deadline was just around the corner it was a nerve wrecking moment.

Here is the timeline.

Country applying from: Malaysia
Type of visa applied for: Spouse
Date application submitted (online) : 27th Nov 2014
Date biometrics taken: 2nd Dec 2014
Office location processing your visa: Manila
Projected timeline given: 12 weeks
Date email received from UKVI: 14th Jan 2015
Actual timeline: 29 working days
Date valid from: 15/02/2015
Date valid until: 15/11/2017

Below are the documents I submitted:

1. Introduction letter + proposed travel itinerary date on 15th Feb 2015 (3 pages)
2. Current and old passports
3. One passport photo
4. IELTS certificate
5. TB test result
6. Current employment letter
7. One month printed latest payslip (certified true copy)

1. Introduction letter
2. One copy of passport bio page (not notarized)

Accommodation (house is owned by sponsor) all dates are latest:
1. Mortgage statement
2. Council tax bill
3. 3 months gas and electricity bills
4. Water bills

Financial (issued within 28 days from the date of online application):
1. Printed VAF4A form
2. Applicant's one year bank statements + cover letters from the banks printed on letterheads explaining the details
3. Applicant's bank books (just in case if they are not satisfied with the letters, but it's a risk so it's not advisable)
4. Applicant's statement of liquidated shares (proof that the source of fund is legal - the liquidated amount on this statement does not necessarily have to match the amount credited into my bank accounts)
5. Applicant's payslips showing bonus payout (source of fund is legal)
6. Sponsor's financial statements from Barclays and NS&I --> showing the flow of the fund from the day it was deposited in NS&I in 2013, cashed out from NS&I, then credited into Barclay account, later transferred to ISA account as a cash (fund held more than 6 months in sponsor's name)
7. Letter from sponsor's father that the money was a wedding gift --> it was a last minute document so my hubby emailed it to me from UK the night before my appointment with VFS centre (I printed it shortly before my journey to the centre)

Subsisting relationship:
1. Original marriage certificate + professional translation
2. 30 photos from meetings since 2008 + prints of scanned photos on A4 paper with description under each photo
3. 22 pages of a mix of Yahoo inbox, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Viber & Wechat since 2006 until 2014 --> each year has 2-3 pages of screenshots ( to show communication was happening during our times apart, with date & time stamp)
4. One page summary of event (in a presentation table with year, meeting date and means of communication. This is for their easy reference)
5. Flight e-tickets for each travel (with a few ticket stubs that we still keep)
6. A few greeting cards

My experience at the VFS counter was good. Not a long queue and I was called 15 minutes after getting my number. I arranged my docs according to the above sections with 2 separate piles of original and copies however, the girl rearranged the sections again and after that held it together using large paper clips. She did ask if I have any other docs to go along and I handed her the greeting cards and bank books which I felt not needed at first but she just took it. Soon after that I took the biometrics data and 15 mins later all done. It was merely a 30-min business.

My advice to those who are applying, do read UKBA guidelines many times and make sure you do not make assumptions. Keep searching your topics of interest from this forum to get more info. Another thing is be systematic. Create a file (in excel) and copy-paste all the info/URLs relevant to your situations and make a checklist. This will be very useful to keep you on track.

Thanks to Joppa and other fellow forumers who have been very helpful and fast in giving us the extra guidance especially when it was very last minute :)

And Good Luck to you all!
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