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Hi guys,

Im working as a software engineer here. I just got married one month back and since then I am in the process of bringing my wife over a resident visa. but this process seemed to have changed a lot than in few years back.

Firstly, Rental Contract is a must. Other than this, you have to unnecessary of attestations on marriage certificates/nikah nama.

For proving your relationship, Marriage Certificate from Union Council of Pakistan with attestation of Foreign Affairs and UAE consulate in Pakistan should be enough. but one of my friend went to Immigration services here in dubai and they asked for the following attestations on original Nikah Nama, Translation of Nikah Nama and marriage certificate.

  • From Foreign Affairs in Pakistan
  • From UAE Consulation in Pakistan
  • From Foriegn Affairs in UAE
  • From UAE Consulate in UAE

I mean what is the point of re-attestation in UAE if thats been done in origin country?..

Has anyone gone through this before ?

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