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Hi all, I've been floating around this forum for a long time and now I'm finally ready to apply. I would really appreciate if I could get any feedback for my application. We will be attending our bio-metrics appointment on the 23rd in North Cyprus.


Visa4UK appointment confirmation
Online application form printed out
Appendix 2 (financial - category A)
Both IHS emails printed out
Visa application email printout

Cover letter
Applicant passport (Turkey)
Two passport photos
Bachelor degree in psychology (taught in English at uni in North Cyprus but unsure if recognised in UK)
Sponsor UK passport certified copy
Sponsorship declaration


Original Northern Cyprus marriage certificate and certified English copy (We are unsure if the HO will accept this as the UK does not recognise North Cyprus
Original Turkish Family Book (marriage book) issued by Turkish embassy in Northern Cyprus, as shes a Turkish citizen
Various flight booking confirmations ranging from 2015 to present (about 6 in total)
Western union money transfer X2
Interflora flower purchase for her birthday last year
Hotel booking confirmation for Antalya, Turkey (in turkish)
Whatsapp screenshots for every month we have been in a relationship from my perspective(all time-stamped)
Photos of every time we have met up together and some wedding photos (around 33 photos in total)

Sponsors employment letter from store manager
Sponsorss employment letter from HR
6 payslip prinouts, signed by assistant manager
6 printed out bank statements stamped by Santander
Tax calculation for the year

Letter of consent from parents to stay at property
2 GBR passport back page copies of joint proprietors
Property inspection report
Official register of title
Property mortgage offer
DVLA license correspondence
Council tax reminder
Barclays bank statement correspondence

Thanks for reading guys, the marriage certificate situation is a bit sticky but we will include both in case they don't accept the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus marriage
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