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spouse uk visa

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i have applied for a spouse visa to live with my gf in the uk...we met while i was studying..i submitted my aplication since end of january..up until now (april ending) i havent seen my passport..i am unable to ring them as they wont accept calls to chase progress of the application

has anyone applied for this type of visa?how long did it take or what is the wwaiting period..mine has been over three months and im unable to work so a bit frustrating for a newly wed
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They aim to decide most cases within 6 months. See the link:

Thanks for that..However that link states its the waiting time for settlement visas..Im guessing its the same for all categories or?
Anyway i was on a 2 year visa post study which expired so i dont know if that makes a difference.Its just frustrating as i need to travel home as my dad died this month so im very stressed
The spouse visa is a settlement visa.

I want to be sure I'm understanding this though, is she your girlfriend or your wife-in your post you call her your gf and then say that you are newlywed.

Another question that might make a difference in the right answer re processing time-is your gf/wife a UK citizen, or an EEA national exercising her treaty rights?

If she is a UKC, you've applied for the spouse visa. Those visas are taking up to six months to determine.

If she is EEA, then you probably applied for the EEA family one. That one I'm not clear on how long it takes.

Have you looked on the UKBA site for the type of visa you applied for, and the timeline?
Thanks for your reply,..Much appreciated

I have this habit of calling her my gf as opposed to my wife -) sorry..she is my wife.
yes she is a uk citizen..english so was hoping it wouldnt take that long..was there any amount we needed to have in my account as maintenance?
i am very confused why its taking long.
Amount of maintenance funds vary depending on how many there are in the family, if it's just the two of you I think the UKBA wants to be assured you have enough money so that you have approximately £112 per week to live on while you are settling in to life in the UK. Joppa or one of the other mods, or Nyclon or one of the other 'better at the maths' members will be able to explain that in a far less confused way than I can, lol!

I think there are a lot of applications this time of year; other posters from your area may have more info-let's hope they post in:)
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