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I am getting married in January and my fiance is an Indian born but currently a British citizen. We got engaged on 3th July 2016. Can some one help with the following questions/

1) What kind of Visa should i apply for Spouse visa/ dependent Visa / settlement Visa
2) Can i still be working in India while i apply for the Visa? Should i have a relieving letter? (I am currently working)?
3) Apart from this list are there any other documents we need to submit?
1)VAF4A Application form
2. Appendix 2 form
3. Sponsorship undertaking form
4. UKBA Online application printout with passport photograph
5. Wife - TB test results
6. Wife - Academic Transcripts for 3 years and letter from University that degree was taught in English
7. Wife - NARIC letter comparability Assessment
8. Wife - Passport
9. Marriage certificate & Divorce Certificate (Mine)
10. Marriage Album (of about 12 photos covering various parts of the wedding)
11. Marriage invitation
12. Mine - 12 months current account bank statements
13. Mine - 12 months savings account statements
14. Mine - 12 months attested payslips
15. Mine - Tenancy Agreement + Letter from Landlord
16. Mine - Utility bills (1 council tax statement + 1 Gas bill)
17. Mine - British Passport copy+copy of my Indian passport (I got married before I Naturalized & got my passport)
18. Mine - Employer letter (confirming employment status, start of employment and salary)
19. Mine - P60 for 2014
20. Gtalk scan - just one scan to show us chatting, Whatsapp Chats prints
21. Lyca printout for last six months to show phone calls
22. Covering letters for wife and me (each clearly stating what they are producing as evidence for the application as per above)

any guidance will be appreciated.

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If you plan to get married in U.K. Then you need a fiancé visa else get married in India and apply for spouse visa

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