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Hi All,

I will be moving into Paris in the next couple of months as I am being relocated by my company. I will be accompanied by my wife and two kids.

Since my wife is qualified and been working here, she prefers to look for a job in Paris (keeping in mind the french language requirement and other considerations) after a year or so.

Would she be requiring a different type of visa to enable her to work in France ?

Please advice.


Matt !

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It depends on what sort of visa you'll be getting through your employer. If it's a regular old "work visa" there is a good chance that your wife won't get work privileges on her visa. If that's the case, it means that she would have to find a job first and then have the employer obtain work authorization to hire a foreigner.

If you'll be on something like a "scientific or researcher" visa, that usually comes with working privileges for the spouse, so no problem.

You should probably speak to your employer and ask what type of visa they are arranging for you, and for your family, specifically for your wife.
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