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My husband is currently in australia holding graduate 485 visa till april 2019. I have applied as spouse and for our child age 1 year on basis of graduate visa holder dependents. I have few questions to ask:
1) do we (me and my husband) need to sign the form 1229 consent to grant an australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years. To mention , We both are the biological parents of our child.
2) my husband has done the health insurance from medibank for me and our child on monthly installements basis. Is it sufficient or do we need to do the yearly health insurance. Which one is acceptable to the immigration department?
P.S we provided the health insurance letter at the time of lodgment of our visa, now recently i got an email from the immigration department asking for health insurance again, which made me confused and had me thinking of doing the yearly health insurance thing.
3) what evidence of dependency should we show? As my husband is a fresh graduate and recently got his graduate visa so he is looking for jobs, however meanwhile he is doing odd jobs. During his student tenure, my father in kaw has been supporting the student fees of my husband, and our expenses too. Should we give that evidence of financial support from my father in law? Would that be enough?
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