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Hi All,

I need a little advice as my solicitor is acting a little blasé about the situation and I'm hearing all sorts of advice.

My husbands spousal visa ends on 10 January 2018. I've been trying to get in touch with my solicitor who successfully got his visa 2.5 years ago but she's just too busy to even email or call back.

Now that she's replied to me after complaining she's told me that I can only submit my husbands visa 28 days before it expires that to with the following list of items I'll need:

- Wage slips for last 6 months
- P60
- Letter from employer with details of start date of job, gross annual salary, job title, permanent full time
- Bills/junk mail for last 2.5 years
- Bank statements for last 6 months
- Passports for both
- English certificate - A2
- Passport photo
- Marriage certificate

So there's a couple of questions I have (please bear with me):

1. Is it true you can only submit an application only 28 days before?

2. We have holidays booked to go to India in March 2018. The solicitor has said she advises clients that it could take up to 6 months for the visa to come back and she would advise to get an appointment for same day visa application costing £500. Is this true?

3. My husband took the B1 ILETS test in India in 2014 so does he need to do the A2 test for the renewal? There is no expiry date on the B1 certificate.

4. We didn't know or was advised to keep junk mail in both our names. So collecting letters in both our names for the past 2.5 years may be a little sparse (key bills only). What exactly do we need to show and how much of it does it need to be?

5. This may be a stupid question but can we apply ourselves successfully or is it best to go through the solicitor for peace of mind? Is there a website where there is a step to step guide of applying for a spousal visa renewal?

6. I'm currently looking for a new job, will this be ok for my application if I started elsewhere before the application went through. Will they question job security and longevity?

The fees we have been told for the renewal are as follows:

- Visa fees -£1000
- NHS fees - £500
- Same day application appointment in Croydon - £500
- Solicitor fee - £500

Not sure what to do anymore.

Any help is appreciated.



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See the sticky at the top of the home page in the big blue box which explains when you can apply.

Processing times vary for a lot of reasons. There is no way to predict but yes, it could take 6 months.

Who told you you should keep junk mail? What you need is official post addressed to you either jointly or singly. You need things like bank statements and utility bills, TV licence, council tax, letters from the NHS or HMRC, things like that. You each need 6 examples fairly evenly spread out over the last 2 years.

There is no step by step guide because everyone's situation is slightly different. The hardest part is gathering documents. Unless you have some kind of complication like an adverse immigration history you can usually manage things yourself with the help of the forum.

What financial category are you applying under?
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