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Hello Everyone,

I need some help...I want to move to New Zealand. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, currently studying for MA in Spanish and I have completed 2 years graduate diploma in applied languages "Spanish".. My English is pretty good..

do New Zealand's secondary/primary schools offer spanish classes to students? is it popular? would i have a good chance of finding a job?

how about if i completed a post graduate degree from new zealand "Doctorate", would i get a chance of working as a univeristy lecturer ?

Thank you so much

Hi Heba. Spanish isn't as popular as some other languages (like Japanese or Mandarin, for example) - it's all to do with the markets we tend to be involved with, which are generally Far Eastern & Pacific.

Look at Immigration New Zealand to see if it's in the list of skills required, and to see how many points you'd get.
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