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Spain is still the favourite destination of the British; it attracted over 275.000 new buyers in 2009, with expectations of over 350.000 British buyers in 2010. Search for property, services and news in Spain with Spanish Inland Properties - the best place to search for Spanish property! (Spanish Inland Properties is part of the Pichiclan Group of companies).

Pichiclan Group was formed over 20 years ago building and reforming Houses, Caves, Cortijos and Fincas, specialising in the villages and towns of Baza, Benamaurel, Cüllar, Castillejar, Freila, Huescar, Galera, and Cortes De Baza to name but a few.
Spanish Inland Properties has on offer over 500 different properties many of which are available to most with a budget of 9,000€ - 200,000€. The increasing popularity of the rural inland area along with great value for money and easy laid back lifestyle means that it is still possible to find spectacular properties at even more incredible prices than ever before.

With tourism booming in the inland area´s it is a major item on most town halls agenda in the region, the Andalucían Tourist Board are putting over 30 million Euros into the rural tourism area´s this year making it a good time to invest here, short term rental property is highly sought after as unlike the coast the major developers haven’t took a hold in the smaller towns and villages giving great opportunities for buyers to capitalise on their investments.

Spain is still holding strong as the most popular overseas destinations for holiday-makers and investors alike! The lure of the dream property in Spain is still as strong as ever with more British and European people buying property in Spain in order to regularly holiday there or relocate permanently. With Villas, Caves, Finca´s, Apartments, Businesses and larger houses for sale, not to mention the options to have a bespoke designed property.

There is a great range of property available in Spain with many now at bargain prices; Spanish Inland Properties is the best place to find your dream property in Spain.
Spanish Inland Properties can walk you through the buying process and advise on all aspects of property and conveyance, we can recommend several English speaking solicitors in all our area´s and can also arrange various types of accommodation on behalf of our clients before they arrive to ensure that your whole visit is as relaxed as possible. We don’t operate a hard sell as referral is our main source of new clients, we are also sure that you will enjoy your stay in these beautiful national park area´s regardless of buying a property or not.

Visit our website at www.spanish-inland-properties.net or contact us at [email protected]


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