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is it hard to emigrate to Spain and put your children in school there. Is the school free? I hold a British passport but my children are on an Australain passport.
The issue in Spain IMO wouldn't be the kids or school (depending on the age of the kids - over 10 and you might encounter problems with the language) The big question is
If so, think over 20% unemployment/ over 5 million unemployed etc etc.
Look at the stickies and do a search for work, unemployment, jobs, crisis etc and you'll see what I mean.

On the other hand I have no idea what the situation is like in Australia, but I seriously doubt it can be as bad as it is here in Spain

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lots of reasons, family, the adventure I would need to work I am a teacher, I would get my children British passports but even with those is schooling free? In a bit of a quandary!
yes, state school is essentially free - you do have to pay for books & other supplies - I reckon on at around 500€ per child per school year

as PeskyWesky said though, if your children are above the age of about 10, unless they are aleady native Spanish speakers, you would really need to be looking at private education at an International type shool which teaches in English

As a teacher you would need to be looking for work in an International school in any case (again, unless you are a native Spanish teacher & can pass the opposiciones - although there are probably 1000s (if not more) native teachers without jobs this year due to cuts ) & some International schools offer reduced fees for the children of staff
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