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Hi all,

For all canadians that have done the youth mobility visa in spain. I have a very important question in regards to my Canada Spain youth mobility visa. I am coming up to the deadline for my 1 year youth mobility visa, It says in document that I can apply for this visa twice and no longer than 1 year each time with 3 months in between that I need to stay in Canada.

My question/concern is:
1.) If I am a few weeks past my one year mark will that ruin any chance of me reapplying for this visa second time? Or will a few weeks be ok and not make any difference? I know I have spoken to many people that say spain is pretty easy going with this but I really need to double check.

2.) Second question is my first year with this visa I used it for freelance/casual work basis and provided adequate funds to stay here for the year working for my companies in Canada. Can I reapply and do the same thing second time? Providing that I have monetary means to live here second time?

Thanks for any help on this, it's much appreciated.

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