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Apologies in advance as I know this question has been asked hundreds of times but I just thought slightly different circumstances might affect people's opinions.

Should I apply for a 175 or 176 (WA SS)?

175 pros: Ok I have full points without SS and my occupation is on schedule 1 of SOL.

176: I definitely want to remain in WA only so no need for Australia wide 175. I really want this visa ASAP. However the quota for my occupation on WA list has been filled so it will be an off list nomination.

I really really want to get this application in before July changes. I have ielts 8.5 and have sent away for skills assessment, due to be granted (if found positive) on 1st June (going by other people's timelines). So it'll be tight for time to get the application in on time before July changes, let's just hope they don't stop taking applications in June!

Wanted to apply for 176 and have it through as soon as possible but now that occupation quota has been filled I'm not sure what to do. Will off list 176 be much longer than normal 176? Should I just go with 175?

Also I don't quite understand about priority 3/ priority 4 applications, could someone give me a quick rundown on what this means?

Sorry for all the questions- thanks!
Hi IrishAussie,

Well since your occupation is now off list on WA, you have to look at other options. Did you check if other states have your occupation? You can apply to another state, and leave after 2 years to WA. Applying for 176 State sponsored visa will get you a PR within 4 weeks.

If not, then you'll have to go with 175, Time is short, big changes coming in July which will pretty much shutdown immigration door for the majority, so do your research based on your circumstances and act accordingly.

hope this helps and good luck !
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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