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Hi there everyone! i dont really know where to start as that plans have just loosly begun. I am wanting to move with my partner to porugal in approx 3 years (when i finish my schooling program) that is far away i know and most plans cant really be made until the year of moving i suppose but i just had a few questions that maybe some of you can help me out with. I am canadian and he is portugese and i am wondering if i have a baby in portugal will the child have dual citisenship meaning i can bring her/him back and forth to canada freely. my second question is what do i need to move to portugal as far as documents or a visa? if the move is permanent do i need to return to canada to apply for a permanenet residence or can i do it from there. i just know a friend who lived here in canada and had to return to portugal for 9 months before he could get back in here to canada to live and i dont want to have that happen. just have no idea how this works. where should i start if my intentins are to be permanent but want to live there for a while first? also when it comes to buying property do i have to live there for a certain amount of time before that is possible or can i not buy property as someone from another country. i just want to be able to put my home in my name if i put the down payment down on it. will my partners name have to be on it as well being he is from portugal. ok i'll stop bombarding you all. any bit of help would be so much appreciated. but please no misinformation if you are unsure. thanks so much
HI there, '
My daughter is Canadian and she married someone from Portugal, they live there now. She had a baby 2 years ago and he has dual citizenship and a passport from each country, she comes here all the time and has no problem . She went to portugal and got married there and did not have to come back to canada, she is now a resident and is working, etc. there did not seem to be too many problems but once they got married, but i am not sure how it works if you are not . Everything seemed to go pretty smooth and now she is elegible for all the medican there and received unemployment insurance when she was on maturnity leave. As for purchasing property, i think it would be easier if your partners name was on it too, just a tip, for first time buyers there is no land tax for 10 years, which is a great bonus but i think you do have to have a visa before you can do that. if you have any other questions, i would be happy to try to find the answers as we went all through this 3 years ago. :)
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