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Hi guys, I've been reading the webpage to confirm that I already have everything and I have just noted that they want scanned certified copies instead of originals. Can anyone tell me if this also apply to:

1) Passport (Later on the page says colour scanned copy, nothing about certified. Makes me doubt)

2) IELTS results sheet

3) Since my payslips have a typo in my name that I didn't catch before along 3+ years (Yeah, pretty bad) I asked my employer to make a sort of "Services certificate" which states all my salaries earned while I worked there and is made by the government's tax collection agency. The original document has my boss' signature certified by an authority. Do I also need to make a certified copy of this taking into account that the original has his signature certified? Sounds redundant...

4) All the documents I presented for my assessment (Which was digital). Do I need to print them and make a certified copy? (Also seems redundant and stupid).

5) The outcome letter of my degree assessment (Which was digitally sent to me. Same as before, do I need to print it and make a certified copy?)

6) The reference letter of my past job.

I have certified copies of birth certificate, degree and academic transcript. I've read that they want the original PCC.

7) Is there Anything else that I need to submit I may be missing or going under my radar?

Thanks in advance, I don't want to **** it up :p
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