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Some of my best friends are Mexicans

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Personally my "best" Mexican friend stems from 1962 and now he is a rich, racist bigot, sort of.

Through him and others I have learned to understand the chip on shoulder mentality of the educated classes in Mexico. Understandably in the context of US/ Mexican history.

Nevertheless, I am not particularly sociable, and my Mex wife bitches about that, but I have had, am having, and probably will continue to suspect my so called "mexican friends" of ulterior motives.

I suspect that they either want something from me, or are trying to figure out how to screw me in their favor. I am probably hexing the few that may actually like me for who and what I am

This probably sounds racist, and it probably is, and probably is universal (Don`t trust the Greeks, they will screw you, as said in umpteen German travel guides).

Bottom line is I am totally conversational in Spanish, but, aside from my continuing experiences from 1962 I have yet to form a "good buddy" relationship with a Mexican.
Yes, I have all the syndromes of supposed Mexican friendships, big hugs, shared drinks and shared kills, and the equivalent of family picnics,

But in my heart I know that I am not one of "them", because ................
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Because I'm new in the neighborhood, because I can't totally BS with the guys (tho Spanish is pretty good), 'cause of financial differences .... but what the heck. Haven't been robbed lately, or mugged, lots of parties, food, beach outings ... and my workers do a good job.

The gringos here are crazier than most Mexicans I know and understanding them makes it worse
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