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Hello All:
My wife and I are entertaining going to the Algarve for four months starting in January 2023. I know there is lots of tennis in the Algarve, but we are not interested in tennis academies or tennis camps. We would lilke to rent a condo, apartment, villa, etc. locally (no particular area in the Algarve in mind) and play at a local club - mixin style of tennis where a group of visitors and locals play for two hours X times a week (X being the more the merrier for us). Any recommendations?

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Apologies if this info was posted in partial form before (disappeared a couple of times 😊)
Here’s what I found. Lots of tennis and many tennis courts and clubs throughout the Algarve. My research seems to have determined two main clusters – one towards the east and one towards the west. I did not look very much east of Faro (Tavira for example), nor not much west of Lagos.
In the east there is a cluster around Villamoura/Quarteria.

Villamoura tennis club – ‘mix-in’ style tennis seems to be organized by a local members group so you can contact them.
Tuesday 10-12 men’s and women’s (I think separate)
Thursdays 10-12 women’s
Saturdays 10-12 mixed
10 Euro

Algarve Fitness and Tennis Club – Almancil
Not sure of times and groupings but I think there are opportunities here 12 Euro

The Campus – Quinta de Lago
Thursday 6-8 mixed
Saturday 10-12 mixed
This is also a Jim Stewart Academy club, so other opportunities to join in through the week

In the west there is a cluster around Lagos, Portimao, Alvor, and a little farther away at Carvoeiro:

The Sunball Academy – Alvor
Thursday 3-5
Sunday 10-1
10 Euro

Lagos – tennis here, I believe, but I could not get much of a handle on it, Same for Portimao, and Baia de Luz and Estrella de Luz

Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30-12
7 Euro

info is as complete and accurate as I could get in my cursory perusal of the region.
Heading there in four days - can't wait!
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