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Hi guys,

Im in a bit of a difficult situation right now. I have graduated in Bachelor of Information Systems and got the title ICT Business Analyst after my skills assessment was done by ACS.

Now on my EOI, I've put information about my past work experience as an IT Support Engineer in IT company, and also ticked the box that the occupation is closely related to my skills assessment. At that time, I only had 10 months experience at that job. 2 months later i received an email that I've got 5 extra points on my EOI because a year has passed since I've started working.

Today I've got the invitation to apply for the state nomination where I also need to provide an employment reference, since I've got 5 points for work experience.

My question is, if they do not declare my work experience as a closely related to my skills assessment, will my state nomination application get rejected immediately or?

Also, if this same situation happens for the visa, do they deduct this 5 points for my year experience and still proceed with my visa review, or they reject my application straight away.

Thanks in advance guys

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