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I have a few questions regarding Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190.

I am currently living in Canberra, AU, and I am going to apply for Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190.
I am also going to include my wife as secondary applicant who is currently outside of Australia.
Currently I have Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 which expires in Nov 2018. (This visa does lets me re-enter AU)

My questions are as follow:

Q1: After applying for the visa, while the application is under process, for how long can I travel outside of Australia? Can I stay outside of Australia for indefinite time while my 190 application is under processing?
For e.g. Just after filing the visa application can I leave the country and return when the visa is granted?

Q2: Can I travel outside AU and stay outside for 6 consecutive months while my 190 visa application is under process.

Q3: As I mentioned my wife is the secondary applicant, so during the time 190 visa application is under process, can I (or my wife) file for a visitor's visa to Australia?
Can a second visa be filed for in addition to 190 visa?

Q4: If I go outside of Australia, would it take more time for my application to be granted?

I would be very thankful if someone could help me out with these questions.

Many thanks and regards,

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The conditions about living in Canberra (and not having resided in any other state in the past 12 months), evidence of sufficient job opportunities in Canberra, or having a job offer, etc. to be assessed as an onshore applicant are only to receive a nomination, or to be valid at the time of your nomination application. I can't imagine that ACT would ask you to refrain from traveling or moving interstate/ overseas while your visa application is in process especially given the long processing times we are seeing these days: Global visa and citizenship processing times. You sure are free to travel in and out of Australia (subject to having a valid visa to travel). The only obligation you hold is to live and work in ACT for at least initial 2 years after your PR is granted.

#3: You can apply for other visas but will have to take care that the other visa is granted before your PR (or if PR is granted before the other visa, then immediately withdraw the other visa) so that it does not end up overriding your PR.

#4: No such relation between processing times for onshore vs offshore applicants.

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