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Hi guys,

Just have some uncleared issues - would be great if someone could share any information:

1. What is the possibility of having positive skilled employment assessment of external audit experience when applying as an accountant (general)? I know that I should refer to ANZSCO but they describe Accountant position very broadly. I worked as an Auditor for 3 months but most likely I will apply as an Accountant when I get 9 months of experience in accounting, so my issues is whether I can combine this experience

2. I am offered a job in accounting but half of the tasks are clerical (AP/AR), another half - 'proper' accounting duties - month-end reporting, fixed assets register, revenue management. How likely I am to get a positive skilled employment assessment under Accountant (general) for this position?

Would appreciate if someone could give me the advice or share your experience.

Thank you very much
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