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Hi all,

I have some queries regarding the skill assessment procedure --

1. The principal applicant has a BSc in IT, an MBA in Accounting Major, and a job experience as assistant accountant, how will the skill assessment need to be done? like --

ACS --> BSc (IT)
CPAA --> MBA (Accouting)
CPAA --> Accountant job

in this case, will the assessment be required from 2 different organisations (i.e. CPAA and ACS)?

2. The partner has a BSc in IT, an MSc in IT and a PhD in IT with 4 yrs job experience as university lecturer, how the skill assessment needs to be done? ACS for BSc, MSc, PhD and VETASSESS for the university job? like --

ACS --> BSc (IT)
ACS --> MSc (IT)
ACS --> PhD (IT)
VETASSESS --> lecturer job

similarly, assessment from 2 different organisations (i.e. VETASSESS and ACS)?

3. If the principle applicant wants to add the partner skill points (5), does the partner have to take IELTS?

thanks in advance.
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