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sign for letter from France

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Hi,my father has just rang me and informs me he has just received a letter from France addressed to me which he signed for.He then had to take a letter attached to it,to the post office and sign again for it.He tells me the original letter has been mislaid by the home help, so I don't know what the letter was for.

I can only guess it is either for my septic tank inspection which I have been ignoring or about maintenance for 2 children I conceived in France with my English girlfriend 14 years ago,whom I have not seen for 12 years.

I know this is a strange request but any comments on the above will be appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation,

Sorry just realised this has been posted on the Portugal forum.I will try to post it on the French forum.
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Hi there

I know your post is a bit old so I don't know if you've find an answer.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean: Is you dad in France and sign up for a letter for you in france?
If that's the case I assume he knows the postman cause unless you've left him a "procuration" with a valid ID of you, he won't be able to retreive the letter.
If not if you only got the receipt of the letter you should have a number on it and with that the post office should be able to track down the sender.

Hi,it's been sorted thanks,my father found the letter which was about my septic tank inspection in France,so I sent them a cheque for the fine,so it's all sorted now.
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