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Shipping less than a large container

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It's time for us to start researching shippers from the Eastern US to France. So far, we've been moving via checked luggage - everything from pots & pans, sheets & towels, etc. to our house in the Dordogne. We've also purchased furniture in France, so we only need to move a few things. When we do move, the contents will come in VAT free as it's all older (much older) than 6 months.

We're looking at moving some medium-sized things like a couple of small pieces of family heirloom furniture, 2 trail bicycles, artwork, and heavier small things like my wife's favorite cast iron skillet <s>.

From what folks have said, a modest container might work. I have a few questions:

  • Does anyone have names & contact info for container shippers you've used? Any recommendations of who to use or who to stay away from?
  • Does the shipping company pack or do we?
  • Are there different sized containers? If so, what are the sizes?
  • How does one get the container contents from the port of entry to one's home (in our case, in the Dordogne)? Are the containers delivered or do we rent a truck and re-pack it all into the truck?

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

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It is called LCL in English, less than container load, and "groupage" in French. All removal companies or freight forwarders are well aware of it.

rates are far cheaper than own container.

Interesting. LCL originated in the railroad world (with which I'm qutie familiar) and originally meant "Less than CARload".

I wondered if that's what folks were talking about but was concerned that the term LCL wouldn't translate well.

correct, that is where it comes from.
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