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Hey all,

I apologise if similar posts have been made before. I did conduct a search, but couldn't find anything updated or where all the information was in one.

The organisation I will be working for from August provide an AED2,500 allowance for shipping / extra baggage from the UK to Dubai, in addition to the 30KG baggage allowance that comes with the Emirates flight. I will need to ship some essential living items, some home-comforts, and work related items (such as Piano / vocal sheet music).

I have two questions:

1) Can anyone recommend any organisations in the UK that will ship items, that provide boxes in advance and are also very decently priced?

2) For those UK Expats, what would you recommend bringing to Dubai the first time? When I visited in May, I noticed some things were cheap, and others were expensive (I needed to buy Strepsils when I was out there, and I found them for the equivalent of £8!!!). From your experience, what do you get friends to post out for you, or what do you always bring with you from the UK to Dubai every time you return? I'm more concious about things that I can legally bring to Dubai, that I may need regularly, but I would find more expensive in Dubai.

I do hope this isn't a repeat post.

Any advice would be very grateful!

Thank you,
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