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Hello all. I have been an observer of this informative thread over the past three months. I have learnt a lot from the folks here. I made a successful FLR(M) application today. Before I start, I am the applicant and my wife is a British Citizen.

Our appointment was for 11:30 am today. We (My wife and I) arrived at the PEO 10:50 am, and we went through security, which took about 10 mins. We were trying to read signs around us to know where to go but, one of the security lads directed us to the reception desk. The lad at the reception requested for a receipt of our payment (we paid the sum of £953 when we booked online) and booking confirmation; after confirming the appointment, he gave us a number and told us to seat in the waiting area for my number to be called.

My number didn't get called until 11:30 am. A lady at one of the windows called my and we went to see her, she requested for our application form, our passports, photos, and my BRP (I had a PSW which doesn't expire until March 2014). After collecting all these documents, she told us that she will enter the details in the system and I would be called soon to do my biometrics. The 'soon' was around 12:30 pm! One hour after our appointment time. However, while waiting for Biometrics, the lady that collected the docs for data input called us and requested I submit a new passport photograph! I rushed to the self service photo booth and took another set of photos. These photos was given to another lady that took my Biometric details.

During Biometrics, I was asked if my finger prints and photo has been taken as part of a UK application before, and I answered yes and also stated the locations.
After the Biometrics, she requested for supporting docs, we had a 'mini suitcase' full of documents, and the lady was taken aback to see it. I told her to calm down that we got other things in it. :D

These are the documents we submitted:

1. Letters from the both of us (stating details about how we met, dating, relationship, marriage and future plans).
2. Sponsor's 6 months Payslips, 6 months bank statements, Letters of promotions, P60, Letter confirming Payslips are authentic, Letter confirming employment and salary history.
3. Bills in joint names.
4. Tenancy agreement in joint names.
5. Bank statements in Joint names.
6. Marriage certificate
7. My UK Masters degree Certificate for English Language requirement.
8. Album containing relationship photos and wedding photos. These were at different locations, with family and with friends.
9. Air Tickets for our visit to various locations and my home country.
10. Our wedding invitations, church wedding programmes, party invitations from friends, copies of itineraries of family members that attended our wedding in the UK.

All the documents were put in a transparent plastic multipunched wallet with rubber band to hold each docs for the separate sections.

We submitted these documents at 1:30 pm, we waited for two hours in the building for the case to be assessed. By 3.30 pm, a lad called our number and told us that, due to the volume of our docs we should go to where I did my Biometrics to collect my supporting docs. We were greeted by the first lady that data entered our application, she congratulated us that our application is successful! She then asked that we make sure our passports have been returned and other original docs are returned.

We confirmed that all docs have been returned. We were told to expect the BRP within the 7-10 working days. We headed straight to Sheffield city centre for a celebratory meal at Las Iguanas. :D

Thank you to all that have shared their struggles and successes on this platform. These experiences have helped me in the success of my application.

Questions are welcome.
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