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Hi Folks,

Need quick help:

I got positive ACS assessment for ICT Project Manager in 2014 (now expired).

Now I want to apply ICT Business Analyst skill (as my job profile is a hybrid of both).

I have following 5 questions:
1) Shall I link to my new application to the old one (which is expired and for different skill)?

My consultant says that linking cannot be avoided.
He says that I should link (for faster assessment), and shall provide a notarized self-declaration for change of skill (saying that ICT BA matches more to my profile).
However, he also cautions that in this case there are only 50% chances of getting positive assessment.
2) Any comments?

3) What are the pros and cons of linking?
4) If I don't link, will ACS still pull my previous documents and challenge my change of skill?
5) What is the best option in my case?

Thank you in advance :)
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