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Hi all,

Seniors please advise.

After reading a few similar threads on 175 vs 176, I am concerned about timeline and rule changes.
I am starting a thread for my particular case.

I am ready for 175 with ACS, IELTS. I currently have 75 points (will have 80 with SS)

I applied for VIC SS on Mar 9, and I got reference number from VIC this morning.

I applied for NSW SS on Mar 9 but courier hasn't reached them yet (will likely be done today).

How long should I wait before I lodge 175 online?

My wife and I were denied PCC because our passports don't have spouse name endorsed. Both passports also require a address change. I will be applying for re-issue of passport in next two working days. I believe I can still apply for DIAC (175/176 online or paper) without original passport. Please confirm?
175 yes you can go ahead with old passports and later update them with new number and that is not a problem.

175 or 176 is a difficult question to answer. even for 175 before July CO assigning is difficult but not sure will they treat same as current rules or not.
176 you have 2 chances. I am sure at least one of it will click if your docs are good and your skill code is still under demand.
worst case if both are rejected which for sure you will get by end of April sometime go ahead with 175

but your call is final
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