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Hi everyone,

OK, I think I've nearly got a handle on this, but I'm selling my car tomorrow and wanted to double check I'm doing everything right...

I have just got the certificate "non-gage" or "situation administritive simple" which I know I need to give them. I also understand I need to fill out the "Declaration de Cession" in triplicate and keep one of them for myself. I hope this is all correct so far.

However, my situation is odd in that the Controle Technique is over 6 months old and I'm selling the car for repair. Online, I have learnt that there's no law about the Control Technique being valid, but they need to have one done before they can register it themselves (even if it fails...). I have read that I can just write "Vendu dans l'etat, sans garantie" on the Carte Grise... is this enough? Is there something else I should do here? Any advice on this point is welcome.

Finally, should I send a copy of the "Declaration de Cession" to the prefecture, or is it all up to the buyer to do?

Thanks in advance! Amanda
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