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I have been unable to find a thread similar to what I am going to ask.

Basically I have been unemployed and not been able to find employment. However I am going to start contract work within the new few months. Most likely I will not have £18,600 in profit for this tax year but next year I will most likely earn about £15,500 (profit) from self employment as a consultant and £3,200 from a part time job that I do already.

When I do apply (which unfortunately looks like April/May 2017) do I submit the following documents?

- Amount of tax payable for 16/17 and the amount i have paid so far as well as unpaid tax
- Latest self assessment return from HMRC (sa300 or sa302)
- Proof of registration from HMRC that I am self employed
- My Unique Tax Reference Number
- Evidence of continued Class 2 Nation Insurance contributions
- Monthly bank statements
- Audited accounts

Is this correct?

Do I need to have my accounts done by an accountant as opposed to doing it myself as I will be doing it myself for this tax year?

I plan on having one bank account and not a separate one for my work, do I have to send monthly bank statements (12 in total) for the tax year 16/17?

My expenses will be minimal due to not having to travel far, my only expenses will be paying an accountant, would this fine as the company that I will be assisting lives in my locality.

I will be very grateful for the help as I wan to know in advance what to do, I have never gone into self employment and so all this will be new for me.

Many thanks.
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Not open for further replies.