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Hi All. I live in NYC (US citizen) and am contemplating going to Tokyo for 6-12 months to study Japanese.

Right now I have three key concerns that I need to settle in my head, before I can more strongly consider doing this:

1) what to do with my current rental apartment in NYC

2) what to do with my two cats

3) is it possible to make any (legal) income while in Japan?


On the first point...I would like to sublet my current apartment as a furnished apartment. So I'd keep most of my items there, and put my personal effects in storage. My main concern is whether or not I could find a "respectable" person willing to sublet my apartment for the duration of my time away (6-12 months). I don't want rent-by-the-month types common in low income neighborhoods. I don't suspect any corporate types would want my apartment, because it's not located in Manhattan...it's in the middle of Queens. I also don't suspect that people looking for the NYC-living experience would sublet from me either...again, because they'd want a place in Manhattan I'm sure.

My apartment IS especially nice...it was completely gutted two years ago, has SS appliances, my furniture is all very tasteful, washer/dryer, deck and yard. So that could be the selling point, but again, I'm not sure who want that vs a place in Manhattan.

Any ideas on this front?


Secondly, I thought about flying my cats over to Tokyo, but I haven't found any pet movign services that will give me PERSONAL references. They only give
"testamonials", which obviously can be and often are fake. So I'm hesitant to trust them. Has anyone used such a service that they could personally recommend?


Thirdly, (maybe this is more a question for the Japan board) did I hear correctly that virtually "anyone" can teach English in Japan...perhaps at an ESL school or something....that you don't need any special certification...so long as you are a native English speaker? If so, that would obviously be a perfect way for me to make some income while studying there.

Thanks all!!1
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