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So my wife will arrive in Menton in 4 days with a VISA (visiteur) in hand, a purchased apartment (more like a "townhome" with a fenced garden) and a rental car for about 4 weeks. I will join her in 6 weeks.
This is our new home.
She would like help from someone who is American or British as her goal is to purchase a car before I arrive (hence my previous post on a car purchase). Yes, I am still interested in a Peugeot - a used one. She would like help since she does not (yet) speak French.
I do, but will not arrive until October 1st.
Thanks to my Illinois driver's license and American insurance records back to 2007 the AVIVA agent has given me an Auto policy devis (placed in the name of Mr et Mme Peterson) - so I believe if I select it and pay for it she should be able to buy the car (we are planning to pay for the car by check from our BNP Paribas account).
We have some home repairs to do as well.
Hence, the need for someone to help her (I know she does NOT want to get taken advantage of!)
And she is a "doer" no a "waiter", so she will want to start right away - not content to wait for me to arrive....
ANY suggestions? Or is there anyone on this forum that fits that bill or knows of someone (say in Menton or Roquebrune)?? It would be greatly appreciated. We have been to Menton a lot and have met few Americans there, most likely due to its location east of Monaco.
Thank you again!

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This may not be the best time to be looking for someone to help you out like this. The next couple of weeks are when "everyone" is just coming back from their summer holidays and getting ready for the big "Rentrée" when everything starts up again after the summer doldrums. The first week or two of September you can normally find the various Forums des Associations springing up, where all the local clubs and associations are on display. That's probably the best way to find like minded folks (and even English speaking folks) to help you out in getting settled.

But for finding a used car, I'd really recommend going to the local Peugeot dealer. There's a fair chance they'll have someone on staff who speaks English, and car dealers don't have the same shady reputation as in the US. Especially if she lets it be known that you're settling in the area and so will be around to have the car serviced there.

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If you're on FB there are several very active local groups. You can try Living on the Côte d'Azur for a start. The international community in the area is huge. I can recommend a Portuguese-American entrepreneur for the work you want to do in your place, the company is called Victoria renovations.
For the car, there are some free listings in English on FB as well.
Also, you can tell your wife to tune the radio to FM106.5 riviera radio, la radio de la Côte d'Azur in English.

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