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hey fellows,
I am sima from India. I am new to this forum so i don't know much about this forums but i always read your stuff. All people who work on this website, they have vast information and experienced in Australian visa field. Please if someone answers my questions, it will be really appreciated. I have completed my Bachelor of arts, Bachelor of education and L.L.B. Actually i am looking to get permanent residency in Australia. I asked agents but they advised me different things. I want to apply for secondary school teachers as i completed my Bachelor of education in 2005 and have 8 years of teaching experience in private school. However, i asked agents they advised me that my training period in school is for 30 days and as per Australian Permanent residency requirement is 45 days of teaching practice during course. In India, no college or institution provides 45 days of teaching practice. and if anyone applied on this visa, can you please advise us about IELTS band score also.

Thanks in advance for reading and answering my questions.

Hes right. You need 45 days to pass the skills assessment and again to register to teach with the state. So you cant migrate as a teacher.
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