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Hello can someone please help me I am moving to benidorm next year 2013 with my 12 year old son i am looking on here to see if there are any good state schools around that any one knows of he already speaks Spanish on a medium level and i just don't like the private schools can any one help ?????:):):):):)
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Once a week?
I'm flabbergasted.
It's very difficult to learn a language with a class a week. It's better to have 10 mins a day than one session a week. Your son is probably the best in the class as he had a grounding in Spanish, but I bet the class in general is finding it hard to make progress.

I would be surprised if your son had a high enough level of Spanish to be able to cope with a state school. A tutor could help him, but until he's here in the thick of it and learning all the kids slang it won't be much help. The best thing would be to come early in the summer (end of June) and put him straight into some kind of intensive programme for the whole summer holiday, with plenty of fun included too.
I am a qualified language teacher, also a qualified middle school teacher BTW
You'll need a plan B if it doesn't work out, so think about whether you've got enough money for a private school. You don't want to be moving him back to England again, do you?
How about work? Do you have something lined up or don't you need employment?
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