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Hello can someone please help me I am moving to benidorm next year 2013 with my 12 year old son i am looking on here to see if there are any good state schools around that any one knows of he already speaks Spanish on a medium level and i just don't like the private schools can any one help ?????:):):):):)
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Hi Jo,

I am new on here and this is my first response/thread.

As you are a teacher/parent already based in Spain, I would really appreciate you advice. :)

We're looking at moving to the CdS or CB area, we have 2 girls aged 9 and 4.5. We spent some time in Cyprus when the oldest was little and her 'mother tongue' was Greek, but she's lost that now. She has a good ability for languages, however, she suffered from very bad glue ear and was practically deaf for some time. So, she has just caught up with her peers for the English language, and her confidence is only just starting to come through.

We are looking at private International schools just now, above state schools for the above reason, plus we want to keep the girls together in school. Could you recommend any?

Our ultimate lifestlye is to buy/rent a finca that is relatively close to the beach but not too far distance wise to an International school.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. We hope to come over in the summer holidays to view schools and houses.

P x :)
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