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Hello can someone please help me I am moving to benidorm next year 2013 with my 12 year old son i am looking on here to see if there are any good state schools around that any one knows of he already speaks Spanish on a medium level and i just don't like the private schools can any one help ?????:):):):):)
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Depends how "medium"?? Has he been in a Spanish state school before??? Unless he's fairly fluent in speaking, reading and writing and is confident, he may well have problems and that will result in him not getting any qualifications at all.

Jo xxx
we used to live in Spain and he went to a Spanish nursery and state school for four years which he enjoyed very much.
unfortunately i had to move him back to the UK as they were not helping him with his English reading i know all a bit confusing lol.
He is now having Spanish lessons at school once a week.
would you recommend i get him a tutor from now until we move next year ?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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