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Hi All

Our plans are moving along for our move from Hampshire UK to Perth in May 2010. Thanks to an intro from my previous thread we are now moving on with financial advice, many thanks.

We looked around some schools when we were over in October and realised that the private system is much more populated in Australia than England and were really suprised at the waiting list times (up to three years). Our daughter is in year three (8yrs old) and we looked at PLC (fantastic and had a space for her then) but we can't see how this would work out with us living in or around the Sorrento area and working North of there. Also loved St Mary's in Karrinyup but there is a long waiting lists so we have joined that.

My question is if anyone has had experience of and feedback of schools in the Sorrento area or just North of there (private or state) and also experience of how long the private school waiting lists actually run to?

Hope to hear from anyone soon

Thanks - Mark
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