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School for a 13 year old

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We are a couple from Iceland and are thinking about being in France for the winter time.
so my question is how can we get our 13 year old daughter in school for the winter without register our home from Iceland.
we do have a vacation home in France and we would be staying there while we are in France.

best regards
Þóra (thora)
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Hello Þóra
Children usually go to the school closest to home in France.
A few questions here:
- does your daughter speak French? - If she doesn't, she may find it pretty hard to adapt. Facilities for non-French speaking pupils could be inexistant, especially in a rural location - which brings me to the next question:
- where will you be staying? - you would need to get in touch with the head of the local collège before you come.
- when do you intend to arrive? - children usually enroll in July for the following school year, starting in September. If you are coming for the winter, does that mean that she would start in January?

I hope it's a great experience for your daughter.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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