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Dear All,
I am on PR and presently planning to migrate.
As with everybody, currently applying for the admission of my Kids to secure admission before we reach. My son is in class 10 and I want his admission in class 11.
Almost every School I sent the inquiry are stating that application can be processed only when u r in Australia and also within their catchment area.To prove for catchment area u should have a long term lease contract. These requirements have brought me in a state of nowhere.

If I apply for one school ( after arriving and fulfilling catchment area requirement) and they could not make the admission(as has been stated by EPPING BOYS HIGHSCHOOL that they will put my son on waiting list), then how can I apply and fulfill the requirements of other school.

Please I need an advise as I am not able to solve this riddle. i presume that migrating people may have faced this type of situation. I would like to know how they solved it.

I am trying for Cherrybrook Technology highschool and epping boys highschool. any suggestion on other good schools is also welcome
thanks to all
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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