Health care is an important issue for expats wherever they are in the world and it looks like they could be most satisfied if they live in Scandinavia.

Sweden has topped a new ranking from customer satisfaction measurement consultants HappyOrNot, with Finland second and Norway third.

Sweden scored a satisfaction rate of 92.37%, Finland 91.92% and Norway 90.75% in the global survey which went out to six million people in 25 countries.


The average satisfaction level was 88.02% with the United States ranking fourth on 89.33%, Denmark in fifth place with 89.29%, Italy next with 87.85%, then Ireland on 85.84%, New Zealand at 85.77%, the Netherlands at 83.77% and the UK making up the top 10 at 81.6%.

Typical questions asked in the poll included "Were your concerns heard and addressed today?" and respondents were also asked about their overall satisfaction, the length of time they waited, and the service received in emergency departments.

For many healthcare facilities, the performance level of their patient experience of care is linked to financial incentives associated with operational improvement strategies, the research report suggests.

It mentions that patient satisfaction is evermore becoming an imperative measurement in identifying and optimising the health system performance in many countries.

The data also shows that the best days of the week to visit a healthcare provider, ranked according to the highest patient satisfaction levels during those days, to be Tuesdays and Saturdays. Thursday visits rank at the bottom of the week for overall patient satisfaction.

"The importance of improving patient satisfaction by gathering feedback is a rising theme in the many countries, for example the UK which has a number of initiatives aimed at improving the patient experience including the Friends and Family Test to implement feedback tools to support collecting, measuring, and monitoring patient experience," said a spokesman.

"One of the key motivating factors behind the success of a healthcare facility is the better the patients feel emotionally, the faster they will heal physically," the spokesman added.

It gives as an example the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust which has found patient satisfaction feedback valuable. The Trust found it was able to make changes in quality of care after looking at specific areas such as hours, or days with lower satisfaction levels.