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Sample cover letter for ILR as a Spouse

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I need to write a cover letter for my Wife's Indefinite Leave to remain (ILR) application, can anyone please paste a sample cover letter here which I can use as a template?

Thank you very much for your help in advance

Best regards
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Hello to all, I am new here and as you can guess I am a bit confused with all the information.

The fact is that I try to apply for EEA2 and I do not know how to do the cover letter. I am in a serius relationship for almost 2 years with a European woman and we are living together for almost 2 years as well, but I have no evidences.
Our current tenancy contract started last September 2012, but we were living together before that.

Can someone let me know which kind of letter shall I write. I am not sure if I need to talk about our relationship, about our feelings or what is going between us and how will affect us if finally I have to leave UK.

Thank you very much to everyone who take a minutes to read this and I hope that someone can help us.

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