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Salary vs. Living expenses

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Hi All,

I just got a job offer in Sydney. I am migrating with my wife and 3 kids. The offer is 90,000 p.a. exclusive of Super. Can anyone tell me whats my take home pay? Also, how much Tax Return i can get back?

Lastly, does this figure "enough" for living with 3 kids in Sydney? I know this question depends on what sort of living we want, but just wanted to get a feel of what you guys think - and i'll take what the majority of people say :)
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Hi Enrico,

Congrats in the job offer.

You might want to check out the Australian Taxation Office homepage and probably can answer your own question in regards to take home pay: Australian Taxation Office Homepage

As for your question about if 90K is enough to live in Sydney. There is an article written asking "What is the typical Australian's income?" and have provided the link below. It is someone's opinion based on their research. If you have done some research about Sydney, you will find out that it is one of the most expensive cities in Australia and some say in the world as well. After you find out what your approximate take home pay, you can probably do some approximate costs that you will have for housing, food,etc. This will give you some sense if this salary is enough.

Websites for Sydney's train and bus systems that can help you determine approximate costs for tickets.
Welcome to CityRail
Welcome to Sydney Buses — Transport - State Transit

An excerpt from article found from : What is the typical Australian’s income? « We are all dead.
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Hi DavidBoon,

Thank you for the detailed information. This will be helpful for anyone needing this information to decide if the salary is sufficient to live in the Sydney area at a certain level of lifestyle.

May I ask how you were able to come up with the net take home pay for the $90,000? I haven't researched enough to determine the tax rate. But if you have the web link, that will be great.

In addition, I've seen that there is superannuation offered in Australia. Some of the job postings I've seen advertise, the salary + superannuation. While other postings have no mention of superannuation. Even though there is no advertisement, are all employers obligated to provide every employee a superannuation at 9% by law? Or this is voluntary for employers? In the US, contribution to an employee's retirement fund is up to the worker. But there are companies that do match contribution at a certain percentage.
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