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Salary vs. Living expenses

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Hi All,

I just got a job offer in Sydney. I am migrating with my wife and 3 kids. The offer is 90,000 p.a. exclusive of Super. Can anyone tell me whats my take home pay? Also, how much Tax Return i can get back?

Lastly, does this figure "enough" for living with 3 kids in Sydney? I know this question depends on what sort of living we want, but just wanted to get a feel of what you guys think - and i'll take what the majority of people say :)
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There are a few more things to know before your question can be answered:
1. Which visa- PR or 457?
2. Will your wife be working?
If the answer to Q1 is 457 and second is No, you may be struggling sometimes depending upon your lifestyle.
Your net take home pay is 5700 per month. Rent 1800-2500 for 3 bed depending upon area. 400 per month per child for schooling if 457 visa.
Grocery and food bill 800-1200 per month. Car, petrol and insurance 300-400 per month. Utilities, medical insurance and other misc costs - 600-800 per month.
I know because I am in similar situation, the only relief I have is PR and bit of family assistance.
So net net, if on 457, think again.
Even if your wife works, most of her salary will go to child care unless children are big and can stay at home independently.
BTW child care is around 50 per day per child.
Hope you find numbers useful.

The above can be used to calculate withholding tax and thus you can calculate net pay.
Super inclusive or exclusive, mentioned on the offer letter. Normally it is 9% exclusive in Australia.
Super is mandatory in Australia.
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