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Salary in Paris

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I am applying for a job in Paris, and it has asked me to suggest a salary.

I will paste the job description below the post.

I am a graduate, with a top scoring degree in German and History.

I have been doing an internship in Iceland, and before that I had a job in the UK earning £16,000 per year. I have experience relevant to the post.

Can you tell me what kind of salary this job might earn? What format are salaries expressed in in France (per hour, month, year)?

Any tips would be much appreciated.




You will be responsible for the registration process for event participants at our international conferences and for customer services. This includes:

- Registration of delegates

- Confirmation letters, visa invitations

- Invoicing, tracking of payments

- List and database management

- Travel arrangements

- Delegate hotline and email contact with participants.

You will fit into our team if you have excellent communication skills and experience in working with database and registration software (Lotus Notes or others). We are looking for a person with a high level of customer orientation and an eye for detail.

Our business language is English. German and/or French language skills are an asset. Part-time work is possible. The work location is our office in Paris. The candidate has to be prepared to travel abroad to our international conferences.

If this is you, please submit your application and CV in the English language with salary expectation and the earliest day you can start working at WAN-IFRA to Michael Heipel, Executive Director Supplier Services and Event Management
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Oooh, I know someone doing a job very similar to that one. And although I don't know her actual salary, I know she isn't terribly well paid. It's basically a specialized office manager type of post.

I'd use that prior salary as a starting point and choose a figure that is a bit higher than that. (It's kind of up to you how to translate pounds to euros, with the exchange rate as low as it has been lately.) I hate it when employers pull this trick, cause the correct answer is "how much were you planning on paying?" however if you respond like that, chances are you won't get the job.

Figure, however, that you probably won't be able to live in Paris. The gal I know with a similar job is looking into doing a share in one of the suburbs north of Paris - in part to be part of the way out toward Roissy CDG for the travel part of the job. Despite the low pay, the last I heard, she really enjoyed the work. Gets to use her language abilities and meets lots of people.
Hi Bev

I really appreciate the response. But I don't even have an idea what a salary for a 'not terribly well paid' job is. I know that the minimum hourly wage is about 8.50€, and I read on a website that a starting salary for a graduate would be around 22,000€ which works out at approximately 12€ per hour.

I'm not too worried about accommodation in Paris, as my girlfriend lives there already and we could share a room.

I think I will probably say 20,000€ and hope for the best...

Thanks again!


Starting salaries are pretty low in France compared to other countries in certain positions. I'd says about 20,000 euros too...mind you, they take out about 20% in taxes. :)

Good luck!
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