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Hi Dears,

I'm very much new to this forum, and very frail to basic posting manners. So please forgive me if something last as disturbing. so can any one please help me ?

Well, i need an advise that I have submitted a formal skills assessment application through an agent from Pakistan to vetassess. My agent aims visa class 190, and sponsoring state in claim is Adelaide. My targeted points are 70. (before this i have obtained positive reply from vetassess in a paid Advisory Assessment to assess the my case prospects)

I'm working as a revenue manager in Pakistan's top five stars hotel for last 7 years, and 9 months. This is post qualification experience to M.comm (Accounting and Finance 2 years degree) in addition to B.comm (Accounting & IT- 2years), and in July 2013 i have completed my MBA (Marketing-2 n half years) along with a certification in Event Management, and Marketing.

Now the questions are:

1-My employer have not issued me direct reference letter considering the company policy so i have submitted Affidavit Declaration with detailed jobs descriptions, contact details of supervisor, and all the documents through my registered agent. so how week my case will be considered by this submission, and what protocols of information should i handle with extreme care for verification?

2-How much benefit will be endorsed to me in formal assessment considering the fact i have been awarded a positive reply on advisory assessment (I have launched my skills assessment application 2 weeks back to vetassess) ?

3-When should i appear for ielts exam before positive skills assessment reply from vetasses or after it, considering to provide best protection, and return of IELTS total charges for me around 350-400 AUs dollar?

4-Thirdly, What are the odds that i should bear in my mind regarding this immigration plan, considering my job nature (as i am working in a top hotel of Pakistan, heading a team of 30 persons, i aim to increase the company revenue), my s.visa class 190, and state sponsorship claim is Adelaide, So is it a prospective case ?

Would be great if any one can guide me in length... Pleasee. I'm badly surrounded with large shade of doubts.... ??

Profound Regards,
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