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Hi All,
I have done My Bachelor of Engineering in computer Science and I am working as an Analyst Programmer in one of the Top Reputed Companies in India and i have 5+ experience all in the same Company .

I have read as many threads as possible and i am having a confusion as to Which Application i should apply .

Whether i should Apply RPL or Skills Assessment .
Can anyone suggest me which applicaiton i should file with ACS .

I heard somewhere that Skills Assessment Should be selected only when you have more than one degree . Please help as i am planning to apply as soon as possible .

With your education background you do not need RPL. This is needed for people who have non-IT background but are working in IT field. Knowing the IT industry in India, I can assure you that you will not get an experience letter from your existing company. so you should get a statement from your manager on stamp paper and get it attested by a notary. Make sure that this statement includes the following:
1) the contact details of the person making the statement
2) his/her relationship with you
3) should explain why you are not able to produce a standard employment letter on letter head.
4) your job roles should be clearly defined
5) should mention that it is full time permananet employment

Advice: take a good look at your other experience letters that you have from previous companies, most experience letters issued in India do not give any details on the job roles/activities that you undertook. Just mere mention of you designaiton will not suffice. If this is the case then you should get statement on stamp paper.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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